30 April, Tuesday

CHINA, Luoping – When farmers decided to take up canola cultivation, we bet they didn’t think they’d be helping to make the world a more beautiful place.

Thanks to their brilliant yellow blooms, the canola fields of Luoping turn into a gorgeous bright gold between the months of February and March. The extent to which this crop is grown in the region causes the entire countryside to become awash with this captivating hue.

The magical sight attracts droves of travellers and photographers to the region – along with bees which are attracted to the flowers. Do take care not to disturb the bees too much while you’re out there doing your shooting or posing. Look out for beekeepers who set up temporary hives during the season – they just might have a jar or two of first-harvest honey to sell you.

To complete your trip, don’t miss the annual Canola Flowers Festival, a local festival celebrating Luoping’s exemplary harmony with nature.

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