Useful Apps to Download Before Your Trip to Singapore

Useful Apps to Download Before Your Trip to Singapore

Where in the world is Singapore?

Singapore is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia and is often called the ‘Little Red Dot’. Singapore may be small, but its outsize influence in the world has made her one of the most popular travel destinations. In 2018 alone, this island nation has welcomed a record high of 18.5 million visitors! Being one of the countries near the Equator, Singapore does not experience the four seasons. The weather is warm and humid year-round and rain showers are possible at any time.

Are Singaporeans the Crazy Rich Asians?

Well, this is a matter of debate. Singapore does have a wealth of experience to offer whether you’re a cultural purist or an epicurean. One thing’s for sure, Singapore has definitely come a long way, from a small fishing village to a modern metropolis.

Can I see a Merlion in Singapore?

Of course. The mythical creature with the head of a lion and body of a fish, is the official mascot of Singapore. Head over to the Merlion Park to get a mandatory #selfie.

Now, before you embark on your adventure to the far east, check out these apps that will come in handy when you’ve arrived in sunny Singapore.

All the apps listed here are available to download on iOS and Android devices.


iChangi App

Navigating around the airport should be stress-free. From flight times, departure gates, real-time updates and even shopping and dining information, this comprehensive iChangi app will be your virtual chaperone in the world’s best airport.

Getting Around

The city is relatively easy to navigate with public transport options like bus and train. Depending on your preferred mode of transport: either by private hires or public transportation, here are two apps that will make getting around Singapore a breeze.

City Mapper

Singapore has one of the best public transit systems in the world. Save some dollars and explore the city on public transport. City Mapper is well-designed and provides information on all the train and bus routes, and when you’ve decided on a route that you want to take, you’ll receive real-time updates and a step-by-step direction details for walking, getting on the train or bus, and it includes approximate time for walking and changing train platform as well. All of these makes exploring the Lion city a little less daunting. We recommend getting a transport card (EZ-Link) when you arrive at the airport here.  One more thing, please do not consume food on the train and bus. 


Whether to escape the heat, albeit only for a short while, or a day trip to Sentosa island, or a fun night out— Grab and its fleet of private cars ranging from: Standard taxis, Economy vehicles to Large 6 and 13 seaters, are at your fingertips. And if you’re lucky, Grab does provide discount codes from time to time. You can opt to pay with cash or upload your credit card details to the app for cashless payment. You can also book cars ahead of time. Besides meeting your transport needs, Grab has incorporated food delivery services too.

See and Do

Not sure where to start exploring in Singapore? You can choose to go on an E-scooter guided tour, or explore the Lion city on foot with the Singapore Heritage Trails app!

Singapore Heritage Trails

I always believe that in order to know the land, you must walk the land. Singapore Heritage Trails app is created for both tourists and locals to discover the untold stories behind the streets and landmarks of Singapore. What makes this experience meaningful and authentic is that the app has a social platform in-built for you to share your experiences and memories of the trails you have embarked on.

Eat and Drink

You’d have heard and read about Singapore’s diverse culinary scene which is heavily influenced by the cultures of the different ethnic groups like Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, Peranakan and Indian. There is no lack of dining options in this cosmopolitan city, it all depends on your budget or whether is there a snaking queue (this is an unspoken code among Singaporeans which imply that the food here is good). And if you wish to get a taste of the local cuisine but you’re travelling solo or pressed for time, you can sign up for the Singaporean Food Trail here. For the food-obsessed travellers who have done their research prior to the trip, we recommend downloading the app – Chope!


The word ‘chope’ is a local slang for reserving a seat/table, which aptly describes the purpose of the app. With over 1,400 restaurants right at your fingertips, Chope, is the perfect app for the modern-day wayfarer to discover top dining spots and book a reservation instantly. But that’s not all, Chope offers exclusive dining offers and discounts from time to time.


We know, you’re on vacation and doing laundry is possibly the last thing on your mind. But the weather is warm and humid in Singapore, having a set of fresh and clean clothes to wear for the rest of the trip is a necessity. If you’re not in the mood to sit and wait at the laundrette or even attempt to create your makeshift washing machine in your hotel’s bathtub— it’s time for you to meet Piing! your on-demand, cost-effective laundry assistant.


You might have accumulated a pile of worn clothes during your trip and waiting for the right time (procrastinating) to wash them. It’s time to download Piing! to make your life easier. Your personal laundry assistant will arrive at your doorstep according to your scheduled date and time to collect your items. You can choose to pay by cash or credit cards once your items have been washed and delivered back to you. Piing!’s reliable and efficient service means that next-day delivery is possible too. If you’re wondering how much the laundry service will cost prior to your order, the price list is available on the app.

After a day out exploring the city, you just want to put your feet up and chill by the pool, laundry is the last thing on your mind. So, why not leave it to Piing! and all you need to do is simply tap on your mobile screen.

Staying connected in Singapore

Last but not least, if you’re wondering how to stay connected to the internet service in Singapore, you can rent a pocket wifi router at the airport when you’ve arrived here.

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