1 August, Thursday

TURKEY, Lavanta Kokulu Köy – Lavender fields are nothing especially new — France has her Provence region, Hokkaido is home to the beautiful Furano lavender fields. Turkey, yes Turkey, hides their own lavender secret.

Located in the Isparta province, the small village of Kuyucak is rife with the scent of lavender during the early weeks of July when the lavender flowers are in full bloom. With just over 90 households in the village, lavender cultivation is how many villagers make a living. With cobblestone streets, beautiful fields of flowers, Kuyucak has all the elements of an idyllic and picturesque town.

Spend your day frolicking amongst mound after mound of lavender flowers all throughout the fields, and truthfully, we can’t think of many better ways to spend a nice summer day.

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