16 April, Tuesday

THAILAND, Phuket – Phuket is known for its beaches, islands, and dazzling nightlife. It’s easy to get caught up in all the spectacle and lose sight of what may seem as a “boring” historical neighbourhood in the heart of Phuket.

Phuket Old Town harkens back to the island’s roots, a vestige of the old European colonial era and of the 19th Century tin-mining boom. The tin-mining boom saw an influx of Chinese merchants which is reflected in the shophouse architecture that is lined up across the district, not unlike the ones you can find in Singapore and Penang. Coupled with the old colonial silhouettes, it makes up for an interesting cultural blending.

Phuket Old Town is bright, colourful, and a place where history meets the modern-day hipster. Filled with cafes and dotted with street-art murals, don’t overlook this historic district.

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