18 April, Thursday

CHINA, Luoping – In the Southern province of China resides Luoping County, a relatively unknown travel destination which is a pity because come Spring, a beautiful sea of yellow manifests across the plains of Luoping.

Canola or rapeseed flowers bloom a bright and vibrant yellow in Spring, bringing to life the fields all over the countryside. As the flowers bloom, so does the atmosphere of Luoping County as it prepares for its annual Canola Flower Festival. With a myriad of activities ranging from a photography exhibition award to a circus, the County too comes alive.

As time passes, Luoping lulls into back into peace and tranquility, awaiting Spring the next year, when the flowers bloom again. And so goes the ebb and flow of life in Luoping County. Whether you’re taking in the view high up from Golden Rooster Hill or frolicking right within the fields, Luoping in Spring is a surreal experience.

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