20 April, Saturday

CHINA, Lijiang – 15 km away from Lijiang Old Town stands a towering, snow-capped mountain overlooking a lush valley below. Hidden within the valley flows a magical river which local legends attribute its blue pigmentation to a raft the gods took traversing the valley.

Truthfully, it is the melting snow of Yulong Snow Mountain (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain) which is the source of the river, and its blue hue is derived from the copper ions in the water. The river cascades down natural stepped terraces and being surrounded by lush vegetation, making Blue Moon Valley at the foot of Yulong Mountains one of the most scenic spots in all of China.

The surrounding area of Lijiang provides a glimpse into the heritage of ancient China, and the nearby village of Baisha is a window into the lives of the Naxi people, with art murals that combine the traditions of Han, Tibetan, and the Naxi.

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