21 April, Sunday

CHINA, Hong Kong, Somehow, some way, nothing encapsulates the Hong Kong experience quite like the streets of Mong Kok — the iridescent neon street signs, the pushing and shoving as people wade through the narrow streets, the honking of cars, and who can forget the occasional shouting in the background.

Probably the most congested shopping and residential district, Kowloon district’s Mong Kok is home to famous shopping areas such as Ladies Street and Fa Yuen Street Market. Here you can strike up a bargain on anything from kitchenware to sneakers, and there’s even a goldfish and bird market.

Hong Kong has its high-end boutique shopping which in itself draws tourists from all over the world. But if you truly want to see the inner workings of the city’s machinations, Mong Kok is the place you need to be. It’s hot and humid, it’s packed, it’s Mong Kok, it’s Hong Kong.

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