26 April, Friday

CHINA, Yunnan – You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped onto the set of the next kung fu blockbuster. The looming temples of Dali City in Yunnan are known for their impressive heights and preservation, leaving a cultural gem for generations of travellers to explore.

But yet, this ancient city almost didn’t come to be, having endured being sacked and razed during its conquest by China’s Mongolian Yuan Dynasty; as well as a devastating earthquake in 1925, among other tumultuous events.

Today, Dali is one of China’s official tourism districts, with strict building and development rules aimed at preserving the city’s distinctive architecture of tiled roofs, bricks, plaster and white-washed walls. In combination with its vast natural environs, gentle climate and beautiful tie-dye crafts, Dali is an alluring choice for an exotic vacation.

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