27 April, Sunday

AUSTRIA, Salzburg – It’s name may mean ‘salt fortress’ but this is no grim and foreboding mountainous outpost. Salzburg is a cheery town overflowing with history and culture, underscored by the classic Baroque architecture that can be seen throughout the older quarters of this UNESCO Heritage Site.⁣
⁣More popularly known as the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg owes her classic good looks to a dab of good fortune. Located at the foot of the Alps bordering Germany, the salt-mining town managed to scrape through World War 2 with very little damage. As a result, it has become a hotspot for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in pre-war European charm.⁣
⁣During summer Salzburg becomes overcrowded with day-trippers. Plan accordingly to maximise your enjoyment of the city’s historic charm – most palpable in the quaint shopping street of Getreidegasse (pictured).⁣

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