28 April, Sunday

FRANCE, Avignon – Palais de Papaes is among Europe’s largest medieval building, having served as the residence of no less than 9 popes throughout the decades. It is also known as the biggest gothic palace in the world, encompassing dozens of room (of which more than 25 is open to the public), and collections of priceless original frescoes from the 14th Century.⁣
⁣The landmark is a popular hotspot among history and architecture buffs, standing as an immersive demonstration of the Church’s power and influence. Aided by modern audio and visual cues – including 3D technology – the structure tells its gripping story to visitors, who are momentarily plunged into the political, religious and cultural contexts of the time.⁣
⁣After you’re done touring the building, be sure to rendezvous on the terraces of the Palais de Papes. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the city of Avignon, as well as the Rhône River and the famous Pont d’Avignon.⁣

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