Enjoy Nothing But Good Vibes at These 5 Melbourne Airbnbs

by | Mar 28, 2019

Ah Melbourne – the city for all creatives and hipsters alike. Did you know we owe the boom of our cafe culture here in Singapore to this dazzling city? Many of the people running the first cafes in Singapore were influenced and trained in Melbourne.

Containing everything from trendy cafes and boutique shopping to independent bookstores and some very iconic music venues, it’s not surprising it’s often called the cultural capital of Australia.

Melbourne is a sprawling metropolis that just oozes good vibes only, and it would be a shame if you did not book your stay at one of these Airbnbs to experience it first-hand.

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Heaven & Earth

Nestled in the heart of the CBD, Heaven & Earth (as so lovingly named by the family who owns the apartment) is truly a paradise perched above the bustle of the city.

It’s an adventure traversing this Airbnb. One moment you’re frolicking in the Garden of Eden, and the next, you find yourself resting high up above in the clouds.

Living in this uplifting and gorgeous fantasy apartment will no doubt soothe and repel all bad vibes from within you. There perhaps isn’t an apartment in Melbourne so beautifully and uniquely designed as this.

Book Now: From $197 per night

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Tea Tree Hill

We often talk about a place being an escape, but Tea Tree Hill is truly a haven. Situated on top of an actual hill, this beach shack is an Airbnb that promises to be a prime weekend getaway.

Tea Tree Hill looks and feels like your own personal cabin, fully decked out with comfortable chairs and sofas for you to laze the day away.

You can also catch a movie outdoors with an in-house projector screen. There’re even bean bags all propped up ready for you to snuggle in. When you retire for the night, the hosts recommend leaving the windows open at night so you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves breaking gently onto shore.

Book Now: From $231 per night

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Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Lucia’s Playful Apartment

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering is how spacious, bright, and welcoming this place is. From the pastel-themed furniture to the little design features, Lucia’s Playful Apartment is soothing and will put a relaxed smile on your face.

There’s something quirky and yet serene at Lucia’s apartment so don’t be surprised if you find yourself lounging in the apartment with your friends despite its central location and proximity to the many surrounding attractions.   

Book Now: From $155 per night

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Byron St. Bliss

It’s hard to pin down what Byron St. Bliss is – is it a beach house? Or perhaps a cottage? Maybe a bungalow? It’s even a little reminiscent of the colourful bathing boxes that line Brighton Beach. No matter the case, it’s a place with character.

It may seem small, but this Airbnb is deceptively big. It’s like stepping through a portal into a whole new world. Fully decked out with even a rounded bathtub, it’s a perfect place to escape to unwind and destress from the going-ons of the city.The window at the kitchen opens up to a small ledge which would be tailor-made for coffee conversations.

Book Now: From $173 per night

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Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

Sunny Warehouse Studio

Sunny Warehouse Studio grants you the look and feel of that upscale Manhattan apartment. From pastel-coloured interiors to the exposed brick walls, there’s not a dull spot in the apartment. Add the abundance of sunlight pouring through the windows, and you’ve got an apartment than screams vibrant.

The pots of greenery littered throughout the apartment further uplifts the mood. Whether you’re chilling out in the balcony or kicking back on the sofa, this apartment just makes you feel good, refreshed and comfortable.

Book Now: From $112 per night


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Disclaimer: All prices mentioned in this article are subject to Airbnb’s change without notice.

Image via Airbnb.

Image via Airbnb.

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