Weekender’s Guide: Clarke Quay, Singapore

by | Mar 6, 2019

At it’s most basic, taking a vacation simply means taking a break from routine, swapping out the same-ole for something new or rarely indulged in. Luckily for us here in Singapore, it’s easy to do just that.

Photograph by zellevia via Instagram.

Sure, we could insist that a real vacation starts with checking ourselves in at the airport, but to do so would be to miss out on the gems that are waiting in our very own backyard. 

That’s why staycations are the ideal recreational activity to complement our busy lives. They allow us a much needed escape, but doesn’t demand as much planning as a full-fledged overseas holiday.

At their best, staycations reward with unexpected surprises – such as a rooftop pool just cosy and high up enough to make you feel like the king of your little world; or the bakery at the end of the alley with the lightest, most delicate sponge cake you have ever tasted. 

So the next time the travel bug bites, stay home for a staycation instead. 

Clarke Quay

Photo by Marcin Kaliński on Unsplash

Situated along the Singapore River, its history is tied inextricably to its water companion.

Once being a conduit for trade as well as a major zone for transshipment, there were numerous godowns, commercial houses, shophouses and even a dock located along the river in the Clarke Quay area in the early years of Singapore’s history.

Today, these godowns and houses have been retrofitted and remolded to become bars, restaurants and clubs. Known for its buzzing night scene, Clarke Quay is no stranger to droves of people partying into the wee hours of the morning.

Where to Stay

Hotel Clover The Arts may not have much lore and history, but dang if it isn’t the prettiest.

From the exterior to the individual rooms, the hotel walls are decked in colourful and vibrant art murals that will be sure to mesmerise you at every corner.

With a mission to promote creativity in Singapore, Hotel Clover The Arts reached out to different arts and design schools for students to compete in a mural competition for 19 out of their 44 rooms. Combined with artists, every room features diverse styles, ranging from street art, line art and manga.

Trust me, you’ve never seen hotel rooms like these before.

Photograph by hotelclover on Instagram

Eat and Drink

It’s past midnight and your stomach is growling after a few drinks and partying, dining establishments are closed and food is hard to come by.

Enter Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, your saving grace, opening till 5am in the morning.

Helmed by Ramen King Keisuke Takeda, Ramen Keisuke Lobster King is one of the many successful concepts under the Ramen Keisuke banner. Drawing techniques from French culinary styles as well as flavours from the famous French lobster bisque, the ramen broth here takes anywhere from 6-12 hours to simmer and brew.

Another great soup-based option is Song Fa Bak Kut Teh which serves up a delicious pork bone broth famed as a comfort food throughout the region. Given that you’re chillaxing on your staycation, this is the perfect time to wait patiently in line for a lip-smacking bowl of heaven.

See and Do

Photograph by pamgoestravelling via Instagram

These statues seek to commemorate other notable figures in the early years of Singapore’s history, looking to add diversity and complexity to our already rich history.

So you know what that do. Grab your portable charger and head for a walk, and get ready to flood your Instagram feed with selfies!

And when you’ve had your fill of history-drenched selfies, take a seat by the river to cool off before heading off to investigate the various museums, sculptures and historical artifacts that dot the stretch. 

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