Superhosts, Experiences and More: Your Airbnb Guide to Hanoi

by | Mar 1, 2019

I was in my mid-teens when I first encountered Hanoi. I still remember clutching onto my hat, resisting the powerful gales of the wind as the boat approached a stretch of gigantic limestone islands.

Worn out by rain over millions of years, the islands exuded a sense of agedness that I never knew before, certainly there was nothing like this in Singapore. It took my adolescent breath away and left an awestruck face on an impressionable young boy.

Even then, Halong Bay saw an innumerable number of tourists every single day, despite its many money-grabbing tours. Now with the abundance of information online and social media, it’s definitely much easier to plan for trips now and aim to get the most bang for your buck.

In that sense, Airbnb has been a travel revelation for wanderlust seekers for the better part of the decade. Without further ado, here is our Airbnb guide to Hanoi that will (hopefully) leave you as awestruck as I was.

Panoramic Settings

Imagine kicking back, with a cup of your choice of beverage in hand as you look out at the city. Now that, is a holiday. What wouldn’t we all give to have a view from our cosy little apartment? These Airbnbs have panoramic views that will give you a perspective of Hanoi like no other.

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Korembi refers to the sunlight that filters through the trees, and boy oh boy do you get that here. Surrounded by floor to ceiling glass panels, with leaves draping ever so slightly, sunlight pours into this cosy apartment without abandon.

With an extended view to the streets below, you’ll have an unfiltered view of life in Hanoi. Don’t worry, there are full length curtains that you can draw to give you some privacy and avoid weird awkward stare-backs from the streets.

Book Now: SG$38 per night

Image courtesy of Airbnb

There’s no two ways around it, Le Blanc is one pretty apartment. White walls and light wooden furniture, one would think it was sponsored by Muji.

Conveniently located, Le Blanc is walking distance to numerous local attractions and is surrounded by famous street food vendors. One of which happens to be Bun Cha Huong Lien, the famous restaurant that was graced by Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain. The restaurant recently decided to “immortalise” the table sat by the two eminent guests by encasing it in a glass box

And oh, did we forget to mention the glass windows that gives you a view of the city from four different directions? There’s that too.

Book Now: SG$25 per night

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Located in the popular Old Quarter, Opera Homestay is perfect for couples who want a nice little paradise overlooking the streets. Touting its own personal lotus garden, along with wooden accents, you’ll feel like you’re staying in an oasis in the heart of Old Quarter.

Though slightly pricier than the average, Opera Homestay is worth your pretty penny.

Book Now: SG$70 per night

Lofty Aspirations

In case you couldn’t tell, we set our goals very high here at Discoverist. Or we are just suckers for loft studios – definitely both. In any case, these Airbnbs have a nice little alcove for all you loft-loving travellers.

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Another listing by BAWhome, Maison en Bois is a retro loft apartment which just screams #OOTD in every corner of the apartment. All the intricate decorations you find in the house are handmade by the hosts. Trust me, Maison en Bois oozes character.

It is located in an old French colonial building so the entrance and a dim walkway may be off-putting to some, but don’t fret too much about it as you’ll be greeted with a refurbished and amazing looking apartment.

Book Now: SG$57 per night

Image courtesy of Airbnb

We love the intro used by the host: Sunny Old Corner is not only a place, it’s a vibe! We couldn’t agree more. Stepping into Sunny Old Corner feels less like an apartment and more like a cosy dream home.

Its clean, bright colours, with touches of wood instantly relaxes and soothes you. There is a sense of ease and homeliness about it. Whether it’s chilling on the bed in the loft or sipping a cup of ca phe sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) on the balcony, there’s only good vibes at Sunny Old Corner

Book Now: SG$55 per night

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Rounding out our lofts is The 90’s Ly Thuong Kiet, and if there’s a word to describe this place, it’ll be nostalgia. You’ll find many Airbnbs being housed in old French colonial buildings, but most if not all, are refurbished to have a modern chic interior. This blending is not new.

The 90’s Ly Thuong Kiet however, doubles down on its traditional architecture with a traditionally-designed interior. From tiled floors to furniture and ornaments that seem to come out straight from the 1990s, you can appreciate the rustic and traditional vibe that the apartment goes for.

Book Now: SG$58 per night

It’s Time to Cuddle

If wrapping yourself and cozying up is what floats your boat, look no further than these listings which will make you want to cuddle up the instant you step in.

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Boho vibes anyone? This quaint apartment is definitely pretty and unique. With plants (which the hosts recommends you to help water) and even goldfish swimming in a fishbowl that is up on the wall(!), Langmandi is a space quite like no other

The apartment is artfully decorated and comfortable to boot. If not for the all the famous street food vendors around and attractions, you’d be hard pressed to find us stepping out of the apartment..

Book Now: SG$35 per person

Image courtesy of Airbnb

This is truly a home away from home. I get that people travel to be in a totally new environment, but there’s something to be said about an Airbnb that has a sense of familiarity or home. The apartment is spacious with a clean, white look – and it doesn’t feel pretentious at all. 

Most importantly is the king size bed that is tucked in the corner of the room that will make even the earliest risers snuggle up. Top it all off with a Netflix subscription, and you’ve got yourself one truly comfy abode.

Book Now: SG$45 per night

Image courtesy of Airbnb

There is something zen-like about The Gallery. Maybe it’s the arched doors that remind me of a classical Japanese garden, or the wooden bathtub that you can just soak in after a long day of eating food along the streets of Hanoi.

The Gallery provides a nice respite and escape from the daily workings of the streets of Hanoi. Grab a book or a cup of coffee, get comfy in the in-house swing and just watch the day go by

Book Now: Book Now: SG$39 per night

Experience All Things Local

Airbnb experiences are increasingly becoming a thing nowadays and you can find quite a number of unique local experiences in the host country which is revolutionising travel experiences.

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Calligraphy seems to be taking a whole new life on its own now, with more and more workshops popping up. Enter Master Pham La Linh, who will be guiding you on the intricacies of calligraphy and the blending of Chinese and Vietnamese languages in the ancient art form.

Alongside him will be Mai, a craft lover herself, who will be there to translate and guide for all you English-speaking folks. So don’t worry too much and take this chance to learn Vietnamese calligraphy. At the very least, you’ll have bragging rights when it comes to unique experiences when you head back home.

Book Now: SG$51 per person

Image courtesy of Airbnb

You’ll be brought around to eat food, do I really need to say more? It’s a resounding no but I shall anyway. Aside from its rich history and culture, food is the next (arguably the first) big thing in Hanoi. From top notch bowls of Pho to Bun Cha (Rice Vermicelli and Grilled Pork) and Banh Mi (Vietnamese-style Baguette Sandwiches), there is really no shortage of cheap and good food to find, which is the ultimate combination of food if you ask me.

Sure, you can google your way through and try the numerous stalls that have been listed all over the Internet, or you can let a true local bring you around and let your mind be blown from their favourite haunts in town.

Price: SG$38 per person

Disclaimer: All prices mentioned in this article are subject to Airbnb’s change without notice. 

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