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A land of contrast, where tradition meets modernity. Beyond its towering skyscrapers, giant video screens, and pedestrian scrambles, Tokyo lies a traditional ground with lineaments of the old Edo (the city it once was).

  • Good Morning おはようございます – (Oh-ay-ou Go-za-imasu)

  • Hello こんにちは – (Kon-ni-chiwa)

  • Thank you ありがとうございます – (Ari-ga-tou Go-za-imasu)

  • My Name is… わたしのなまえは~です- (Wa-ta-shi no Nam-ae wa ~ desu..)

  • I want to go へいきたいです – (E Iki-tai De-su)

  • Hello こんにちは – (Kon-ni-chiwa)

  • May I haveをくださいす – (Wo Ku-da-sai)

  • Do you have free wifi Wi-fiありますかは~です- (Wi-fi Ari-ma-suka?..)

  • How much is it? いくらですか?- (I-kura De-suka)

Tokyo: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Konnichiwa! The largest and most populous city in the world, Tokyo must be experienced in person to truly be understood. Tokyo is often portrayed like a sci-fi city straight out from a movie, but this capital city is also full of old-world charm with century-old...


A Hotel that Sparks Joy – Muji Hotel Tokyo

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci This is evident in Muji Hotel, which was recently launched in Ginza, Tokyo. A dream come true for fans of Muji and the creatives who are obsessed with white space and simple aesthetic, you know that...

Experience Old-town Tokyo at Yanaka

Whenever someone mention that they are planning for a vacation in Tokyo, chances are, Shinjuku, Harajuku and Asakusa, will be on their itinerary. These places, no doubt, are some of the top sights in hyper-modern Tokyo. But if you’re looking to discover a different...

The Splendid Urban Night Views of Japan

“The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”    ― G.K. Chesterton  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve arrived in Japan to be a tourist or a traveller. When you have boarded the flight to Japan, you’d already know that this is going to be...


Sakurai: The Ultimate Tokyo Tea Experience

The season of Autumn is upon us, though it hardly matters to those of us who reside near the Equator. In Japan however, it means that temperatures are slowly dropping, typically reaching a cool range of about 23˚C to 28˚C in the day. With clear skies and cooling...

5 Time-tested Traditional Restaurants in Asakusa Tokyo

It seems like almost everyone is waiting with bated breath for the next big food trend to sweep the world.  And we totally get it, bizarre food combinations or funky flavours are a trendy topic, injecting new life into the food world that can get stale for an everyday...

Food Guide: Tokyo After 22:00

Can you get a good meal after 22:00 in Tokyo? Absolutely. Approach any business-attired men and women, and they would gladly point you to the nearest ramen stall. And for the jet lagged who fancy a drink at 3am, head over to Shinjuku Golden Gai and find yourself...


Overnight Bus Hotel from Tokyo to Osaka

Unlike Europe, Japan has limited options for overnight trains from Tokyo. Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed railway network which speeds up to 200 mph only operates in the day and is closed from midnight till 6am. However, there is another travel alternative that can get...

Where to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn Scenery in Japan

Do you remember your first Autumn experience abroad? It is still vivid in my memory. I was sitting on the banks of Lake Kawaguchi in Japan, surrounded by autumnal trees dressed in red, orange and yellow. Inspired by the mesmerizing sight before me, I penned a Haiku,...

Tokyo’s Best Kept Secret: Omokagebashi Bridge

Spring in Tokyo is an ethereal sight. The weather is becoming warmer, trees have shed their winter covers, and those branches that stretch into the sky are shrouded in pink petals. Cherry Blossom, or Sakura, is Japan’s symbol and national flower. These cherry blossoms...






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